• Image of A Spell on me print by Hooksmith Press

370x618mm 270gsm Recycled Paper Stock, Rubber Ink

Jimi Hendrix wrote Purple Haze, or at least finished his fantastic song in Forest Gate, East London, whilst back-stage waiting to go on at the Upper Cut Club in 1967. This homage to Hendrix, uses a technique known as split-fountain for the psychedelic ‘Rothko-esque’ coloured background. Was he high-on-acid when he first performed the song. Is it a drug reference or simply a love song?

The large ‘A’ Letter is Cameo or White-Letter woodtype, followed with large 1920’s Gill Sans woodtype.

Designed and printed by Russell Frost of Hooksmith Press, a small letterpress print shop in East London.

Print runs of posters by Russell Frost are hand-crafted using a combination of traditional wood type and metal type.

In Russell's words: "My work reflects a slower time and a love of typography and the written word. Letterpress is a medium which allows me to collect and re-use elements from the past to create something new; a tangible and tactile connection to history and a continuation of a craft."