• Image of ART print by Hooksmith Press
  • Image of ART print by Hooksmith Press

315x335mm 300gsm 100% Cotton (Archival, Cranes Lettra) Paper Stock

Edition of 15 Only

Printed using 8 layers of ink. Starting with Black, 5 layers of white, finishing with 2 layers of red. This gives a very fine hairline drop-shaddow within the 1920’s cameo woodtype.

This work riffs off of the symbol for the international red cross and suggests art as medicine and calls for the preservation of artistic endeavour at all cost. Pertinent during these lock-in time of Covid-19.

Designed and printed by Russell Frost of Hooksmith Press, a small letterpress print shop in East London.

Print runs of posters by Russell Frost are hand-crafted using a combination of traditional wood type and metal type.

In Russell's words: "My work reflects a slower time and a love of typography and the written word. Letterpress is a medium which allows me to collect and re-use elements from the past to create something new; a tangible and tactile connection to history and a continuation of a craft."