• Image of "Word" print 2 by Hooksmith Press
  • Image of "Word" print 2 by Hooksmith Press

Informal Greeting - A4, Vansons Rubber Ink, 300gsm Recycled Card
(sold unframed but contact us if you would like it framed)

Translation - Short for ‘Word-Up’, ‘whats-up/happening’, ‘what are you doing – what do you know?’

This piece was printed using an extremely rare – 30 Line (5 inches in old money/(12.5cm)), Chromatic wood typeface – maker unknown – thought to be London made and so far, dated to at least 1877! In its day, this style of wooden type represented printing at its most sophisticated.

Once each block had been printed in two separate colours, a resulting subtle third colour appeared in areas where the two blocks deliberately overlapped – hint; half of the lower region in the most inner /counter form of the shaded letter.

Designed and printed by Russell Frost of Hooksmith Press, a small letterpress print shop in East London.

In Russell's words: "My work reflects a slower time and a love of typography and the written word. Letterpress is a medium which allows me to collect and re-use elements from the past to create something new; a tangible and tactile connection to history and a continuation of a craft."