An Artful Life OBJECTS

Our small collection of objects is curated by sought after interior-architectural designer Kate Whitfield.
After years designing hospitality venues, Kate set up the shop in 2013, and wanted to bring that feeling of staying in your most aspirational hotel, or kicking back in your favourite restaurant/bar to customers' own homes. Your home should be uncompromising and your absolute number one place to be. 

We are proud to support new and upcoming artists and designers by presenting their work within the collection which in turn gives you a selection of unique and crafted pieces that are not mass produced, elevating your interiors to a truly distinctive look. 

If you are an artist, designer, or small brand and wish to have your work considered for inclusion, please get in touch!

An Artful Life PROJECTS

An Artful Life's primary focus is our design studio.  We create remarkable living spaces for our clients, through architectural interventions and interior design.  For more info please visit  anartfullifestudio.com

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