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Raby Florence-Fofana x Mylle Inflatable Pool 40% off was £156


Designed by Berlin-based artist Raby-Florence Fofana, these beautiful vinyl pools are the adult version of a childhood classic. Each pool includes a valve to inflate and deflate and a drain for easy emptying. They also fold neatly away in a matching vinyl envelope, ready and waiting for that perfect hot summer's day. It fits 2 adults comfortably, and 3 if you want to be extra cozy.

Mylle takes their impact seriously, which is why their pools are made of durable heavyweight vinyl - with the right care, this pool will last much longer than the flimsier pools of the past. A clear patch is included, encouraging customers to fix the pool and continue enjoying it if a hole does occur, instead of buying a replacement. Phthalate-free, BPA-free, and lead-free.

Dimensions: 65" diameter, 15" height