90 Degree Floor Light brass by Frama


With a striking linear profile that embodies the beauty of raw materials, the 90° Floor Light consists of a solid brass blade that forms a 90 degree angle. Functioning as everything from a bedside or desk lamp to an architectural accent light, the 90° Floor Light is a truly eye-catching and multipurpose lighting fixture.

H 49 / W 49 / D 49 cm

Material: Solid Brass, fabric covered wire

Incandescent or LED light not included (bulb to be chosen according to preference and is not included)

Frama Studio is located in central Copenhagen. The Frama Collection focuses on solid materials with natural finishes and simple geometry. The objects within the collection signal a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and pure. Working within the area of design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design.