Venus Pendant Form 1 by Frama


The Ventus pendant lamps are a collaboration between Frama and Danish designers Included Middle, in which the traditional pendant cord
receives an architectural bend, creating new forms the environment it is placed. The pendant is capped off by an opal glass light shade which
exudes the warm glow of an integrated LED bulb within. Bronze silikon cord.

Materials: Brass, Opal White Glass, G9 LED Bulb
Dimensions: H 132 / W 19 cm
Design: Included Middle
Collection: Permanent Lighting

Note: bulb & ceiling hanger included.

Frama studio focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency. The pieces within the collections signal a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and simplified. Working within the area of design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design and bring a dialogue between two opposite poles: a classical and contemporary approach.
The Frama headquarters and Studio Store is located in central Copenhagen.