Cone Spinning Top Lamp by Kristina Dam


Light up your living room with this unique sculptural lamp. The lamp appears to be a big spinning top that rests on the floor. The lamps shade is made from brushed aluminium and the top is made of solid walnut. Enjoy the ambient light that comes from this beautiful sculptural lamp.

Material: Brushed Aluminium / Walnut
Dimensions: Ø 40 cm x H 40 cm
Specifications: CE Certified, Light Bulb E27 max. 25W

A highly sculptural lamp for the modern and bold interior. The lamp rests on the floor and fills the suroundings with a ambient light. This sculptural lamp is so stylish and has a clear cut modern look that makes the perfect choice for the modern interior. The Cone lamp series from Kristina Dam Studio ties on the geometric shape that tapers smoothly from a circular base to the apex point. The lamps in the Cone Series from are defined by theirs form and contrasting materials. The different lamps features different styles that range from the classic table lamp to more artistic, playful interpretations of lighting objects like the spinning top. The high-quality materials are standing in contrast to each other, warm walnut and cold aluminum and matte wood structure - a unique lamp design that creates a modern ambience. Embodying strength and detailed craftsmanship from every angle.

Kristina Dam Studio has a mission of making art and interior merge, both in furniture, art prints, illustrations, and sculptures. The materials used are solid, genuine, and carefully selected – such as brass, marble, mirror, oak, stone, steel, and glass.

They only use honest, genuine, natural, and carefully selected materials – and treat them with respect. The majority of the collection is produced within the European Union. Their love for genuine materials is a part of their Nordic design inheritance – a legacy taken very seriously (and shared with An Artful Life).